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Metatrader 4: Riskless Pyramid EA

Introduction This powerful MT4 trade mangement EA offers a way to aggressively multiply trade profits in a riskfree manner. Once a trade has been entered with a defined stoploss and take profit target then the EA will add three pyramid add-on trades in order to increase the overall level of profit. The user sets the…
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Protected: Boutique Trading Fund

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Downloading a Trading Heroes Indicator

For most users the downloading part is straight-forward: you just click on the download link and it downloads to the usual location. However for some users they find that when they click on the download link, it seems to think that it’s an Internet Explorer file or some other strange file type. The reason for…
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Troubleshooting Push Notifications for Alert Indicators

Note, please ensure that you’ve already gone through  the various other points on the Support FAQ page first. See here. If you’re still having problems with not getting push notifications to your phone then please go through the following steps. This will usually sort out the issue. Make sure that you’ve also done your push…
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Adding and Saving Multiple Levels on the Trading Heroes Simple RSI Alert Indicator

By default the Simple RSI Alert indicator will plots just two levels in the RSI subwindow which correspond to the overbought and the oversold levels. However, some users like to have more than just two levels showing. However, you have to be careful as when the indicator is loaded into a chart it automatically creates…
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Trading Heroes Simple RSI Alert Indicator FAQs

This page gives links to all the various support issues that you might have when installing and using your Trading Heroes Simple RSI Alert Indicator. 1. Issue: I can’t download or install my indicator If you are having problems downloading your purchase 1a) See this post here Have you unzipped your download file first? 1b)…
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Installing an Indicator from Trading Heroes in Metatrader 4

When you buy a Snapdragon Systems indicator product on Trading Heroes you will be directed to a download link. The file that you download is a zip file. So for example if you’ve bought the Simple RSI Alert indicator the actual file that you will have downloaded will be called something like: SDS RSI Simple…
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Metatrader 101: Working With Renko Charts With Mt4

Anyone who’s worked with the markets for any length of time will have come across Renko charts. At first sight they are weird charts made of consecutive bricks but once you get used to them they’re great ways of filtering out noise and simplifying the price action. For this reason many people like using them…
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Metatrader 101: How to Set Up Push Notifications in Metatrader

Push notifications in Metatrader can be a great tool – you can get alerts to your smart phone on the move and so always be in touch with what’s going on. Setting it up is fairly straight-forward – here’s how to do it. 1. Firstly you need to be aware of what a push notification…
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Metatrader 101: How to Set-up E-mail Alerts on Mt4

E-mail alerts from Metatrader can be a very useful tool. Indeed our own Mt4 Alert Indicators rely on it (and also phone push notifications) for sending information to users when they are away from their desks. But how does one set it up? This post describes the process 1. From within Metatrader select the Tools…
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