Easy Language Programming

Professional Easy Language Programming for TradeStation and Multicharts


TradeStation and Multicharts both use Easy Language as a programming language. Both platforms are great for automated strategy backtesting as well as live trading. In fact, we use these platforms ourselves for our own strategy backtesting. When we ran our hedge fund we used TradeStation for “sandbox” testing of all ideas to get things started. In addition, one of the great advantages of Easy Language is the abilty to extend functionality using external DLLs. Through calling these external libraries it is possible to extend the functionality of your strategy or indicator almost without limit.

Easy Language Programming Services

We became registered Easy Language experts for TradeStation right back when we started working for traders. Consequently, over the years we have coded up countless different strategies and methods. This has ranged from simple indicators all the way through to complex multi-chart approaches. What’s more, as professional C++ programmers we have always been comfortable doing DLL programming and API programming as part of our Easy Language programming service.

Easy Language programming

Past DLL Work

Examples of some past work that we have done for clients using DLLs include

  • Connecting TradeStation to other trading platforms for automated trading with different brokers
  • Transferring information between different charts for trading across multiple charts using “global” information
  • Keeping track of unlimited number of trades across an unlimited number of markets, using complex multi-contract entries and stop strategies.
  • Writing a DLL offering least-squares fitting for fitting polynomial equations to data in the Charting Station.

The Next Steps

If you have an Easy Language programming project in mind then the next step is to get in touch via our Contact Us page to discuss how we can help you.