Our Services

Programming, Products & Research for Traders

We have been providing trading programming services to clients since 1994 and our clients vary from individual retail traders through to some of the largest hedge funds in the world

Programming Services

  • Metatrader – indicators, scripts, EA’s, DLL’s
  • TradeStation – all coding work, including DLL’s
  • ForexTester – custom indicators & strategies
  • API’s, Datafeeds – including FIX
  • Trading Research – we will research and develop new trading strategies

See below for more details on each section

How We Work

If you have a query then the first thing to do is to contact us to discuss what you have in mind. If it’s something that we can help you with then we will give you an idea of how much it might cost. We normally charge by the hour and so would typically give you a quote for the number of hours the project might take, though sometimes this will be a range of hours if there is some uncertainty over what it required. Payment for small projects is normally in advance though for larger projects payment will be made on a mutually agreed basis

Professional Metatrader Programming

Metatrader is deservedly one of the most popular trading platforms for forex traders offering automated trading, scripts & programmable indicators. SnapDragon Systems offers custom Metatrader Programming. We have developed countless EA’s, indicators and scripts for clients over the years and in fact we trade our own funds with some EA’s that we have developed. Using Dll’s it’s possible to extend the functionality of the platform even further.


Professional TradeStation & Multicharts Programming

TradeStation, along with it’s sister platform Multicharts, have been around for along time. With it’s own built-in EasyLanguage programming language complex strategies can be coded up. TradeStation offers one of the best back-test platforms around and it’s the platform of choice for back-testing our own automated trading strategies.¬†Using Dll’s it’s possible to extend the functionality of the platform even further.

Examples of some work that we have done for clients

  • Connecting TradeStation to other trading platforms for automated trading
  • Transferring information between different charts for trading across multiple charts
  • Writing a DLL to keep track of unlimited number of trades across an unlimited number of markets, using complex multi-contract entries and stop strategies.
    Translating data into a format readable by Trade Station.
  • Writing a DLL offering least-squares fitting for fitting polynomial equations to data in the Charting Station.


ForexTester Custom Programming

We can create custom indicators and strategies for the ForexTester back-test platform. You may also be interested in our off-the-shelf ForexTester products – see our Products page for more details

API Programming

We have done a variety of different programming projects over the years with various different datafeed and trading platform API’s, including Oanda, IG Index, Interactive Brokers, Betfair, GFT, GNI, Hotspot & Saxo Bank. Typically we would use C++ though we have used .Net and C# as well. Projects have included collecting real-time data, a complete real-time charting package and various automated trading programs and algo’s. We have also worked with FIX trading protocol

Trading Strategy Research and Development

We spent ten years working for one of the top hedge funds in the world developing bespoke trading strategies for them which were then traded by the fund with a peak of $800 million of funds traded with them. We are intimated familiar with all the pitfalls of trading strategy development including over-optimisation and systematic modelling errors etc. We have written our own comprehensive back-test platform from scratch to do this research

Over the years we have looked into all sorts of approaches including neural networks, genetic optimisation. We have also worked on an exotic option pricing software platform and worked on programmable pay-off functions for options.