Trading Programming Service

Some programming projects require not just programmers but also people who intimately understand trading and markets as well. As a programmer with over 30 years of experience who has also been trading for nearly as long, I am uniquely placed for such projects. Below are some details of what my trading programming service has to offer

Languages & API’s

I have been programming for more than 30 years. During that time I have coded in many difference languages but my main specialities are C++ and Python. I have also worked with C#, VBA and various scripting languages such as Perl and Awk.

I have worked with lots of different real-time datafeed and broker API’s. The list includes Oanda, IG Index, Interactive Brokers, Betfair, GFT, GNI, Hotspot & Saxo Bank as well as a variety of different crypto exchanges such as BitMex. I have worked with FIX protocoal for a variety of different brokers. I have also worked on adding extra indicator and strategy functionality via DLLs to a variety of different trading platforms including Metatrader, TradeStation and Multicharts.

Past Trading Programming Service Projects

I have worked on a wide variety of projects varying from small retail ones through to large institutional ones.

On the retail side, projects have included

  • linking charting platforms to various different broker platforms
  • creating custom data types using DLLs
  • keeping track of large number of trading objects (e.g. support and resistance levels) within DLLs
  • linking charting packages to remote websites and Redis databases
  • creating a copy-trade service from scratch
  • creating a horse racing odds trading platform for Betfair in C#

On the institutional side, projects have included

  • creating a hedge fund level backtesting engine from scratch
  • creating a crypto market making algo for adding liquidity to a crypto exchange
  • various front office contracting positions including an FX Options trading platform at Santander and a programmable options trading platform at Barclays Capital.
  • managing a large crypto account on BitMex using a realtime trading algo developed in Python
Trading programming service

The Next Step

I am happy to consider all types of projects, ranging from small to large. If you would like to discuss a particular project then get in touch via the Contact page.