Trading Heroes Simple RSI Alert Indicator FAQs

This page gives links to all the various support issues that you might have when installing and using your Trading Heroes Simple RSI Alert Indicator.

1. Issue: I can’t download or install my indicator

  • If you are having problems downloading your purchase
    1a) See this post here
  • Have you unzipped your download file first?
    1b) See this post here.
  • Have you followed the installation instructions?
    1c) See this post here.

2. Issue: I can’t get alert notifications to work on my phone

  • Do you have the indicator running for that timeframe and symbol?
    2a) It will only send alerts if the indicator is running on the chart constantly and only for that one timeframe. To cover multiple timeframes you need the indicator running on multiple charts
  • Have you set up push notifications and successfully sent a test message?
    2b) See here.
  • Have you switched on the push notifications in the inputs?
    2c) To do this set “Do notifications” to true in the inputs and try again.
  • Do troubleshooting test to work out what’s going on:
    2d) Do this troubleshooting test which should sort it out. See here.

3. Issue: I can’t save multiple levels on my indicator

  • 3a) See this article here.