MetaTrader4 “SDS Inside Bar Alerts” Indicator


This indicator marks Inside Bars (bars with a lower high and a higher low than the previous bar) on your chart. It will also send alerts when one forms, including via e-mail or push notification to your phone. It’s ideal for when you want to be notified of an inside bar set-up but don’t want to have to sit in front of your chart all day.
The Inside Bar Alerts indicator in action

You can configure all the settings including:

  • What symbol (if any) is plotted to highlight an inside bar
  • Whether the symbol is plotted above the bar or below the bar
  • How far beyond the bar it is plotted
  • What alerts to receive out of pop-up desktop, e-mail and push notification to your phone

Input Parameters

DoAlert: if set to true a desktop pop-up alert will appear from your MetaTrader terminal whenever an Inside Bar forms

DoNotification: if set to true then a push notification message will appear on your MetaTrader smart phone app

DoEmail: if set to true then an e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address with the alert information in

MarkInsideBarOnChart: if set to true then it will mark all historic and current Inside Bars on the chart

PlotAboveBar: if set to true then the symbol for marking the Inside Bars will appear above the chart; if false then it will appear below the chart

InsideBarSymbol: this is the Wingdings symbol code that will be used to mark the Inside Bar. You can choose from any of the Wingdings codes (see the chart below)

PlotOffsetPnts: this is the offset in points (the minimum Metatrader price fluctuation) from the high or the low of the bar where the symbol will be plotted. The bigger the number here the further beyond the bar the symbol will be plotted

Wingdings codes
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