Metatrader4 “SDS Simple RSI Alerts” Indicator

This indicator plots the RSI indicator on your chart. It also highlights overbought and oversold levels with different colours. It will also send alerts when the RSI indicator becomes overbought or oversold, including via e-mail or push notification to your phone. It’s ideal for when you want to be notified of RSI overbought/oversold set-up but don’t want to have to sit in front of your chart all day.
The “Simple RSI Alerts” indicator in action

You can configure all the settings including:

  • What the levels are to define overbought and oversold
  • What colours are used to plot the overbought and oversold levels
  • Whether to be alerted on the RSI indicator entering the extreme region or leaving it or both
  • What alerts to receive out of pop-up desktop, e-mail and push notification to your phone

Input Parameters

RSIPeriod: the lookback period of the RSI indicator

Overbought Level: the value of the RSI indicator where the market is defined to be overbought

Oversold Level: the value of the RSI indicator where the market is defined to be oversold

AlertType: trigger alerts when the market enters an extreme (overbought or oversold) region, when it leaves an extreme region or both

DoAlert: if set to true a desktop pop-up alert will appear from your MetaTrader terminal whenever an Inside Bar forms

DoNotification: if set to true then a push notification message will appear on your MetaTrader smart phone app

DoEmail: if set to true then an e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address with the alert information in

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