Web Resources: Forex Live

There are plenty of forex news portals around besides Forex Live but this is the one that I use to keep in touch with what’s going on in the forex world. It’s a pretty straight-forward site with one central page where all the latest news and comments come up in real-time without the need to refresh anything. If you want to drill down into a particular article to see more and to look at the comments then you just click on the headline. There are sub-headings across the top which filter the posts by sub-category but I generally just keep on the front page. There is a team of several reporters who maintain rolling 24/5 coverage across all time zones. Posts include previews of impending news releases, actual numbers when they’re released (and they’re usually pretty quick about getting this out), general breaking news that might affect the markets, key orders levels (obtained by phoning around the big banks), option expiry news and some light technical analysis. Many of the team trade their own accounts and occasional give their trading opinions.

All in all it’s just what you’d expect and need from a forex news portal and it’s an integral part of my daily trading routine.

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