Month: May 2018

Programming, Products & Research for Traders

ForexTester Back-test Platform

Over the years there have been any number of back-testing platforms but one which I’ve recently come across and which I really like is ForexTester. This has been designed very much to look like MetaTrader 4, which is my preferred FX platform anyway so I feel very much at home with it. What it enables…
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ForexTester “Riskless Pyramid Approach” Strategy

This is an agressive way to pyramid trades in a risk-free way: at each new add-on the stop-loss on the combined position is moved to break-even. By doing this multiple times very aggressive returns can be achieved with no additional risk apart from that of the initial trade. See our introductory video for more details:…
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ForexTester “Easy Order Entry” Script

If you need to do position sizing calculations for constant account risk on your entries then this natty ForexTester script is for you. When you run the script it automatically replaces your order with one sized to the correct amount for your required risk. It saves countless hours in back-test sizing calculations. Automatically calculate sizing…
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